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Industry News Sustainable Marine Transport

[15.09.2020] European Parliament votes in favour of including GHG emissions from the maritime sector in the EU’s Carbon Emission Trading System from 2022. This affects almost 12,000 ships. BP Energy Outlook 2020 projects a Carbon price of 100 USD/ton for 2030.
[04.06.2020] Aeroe/Denmark: OPEX of an all-electric ferry is 24% lower compared with a new Diesel ferry: This is a result from 10 months evaluation period with all-electric ferry “Ellen”, 60m long/930 tons on its 22 nm route. CAPEX with infrastructure is about 18% higher.
[20.07.19] Sweden: Full electric ferry E/S Movitz operating in central Stockholm is utilising new charging technology, allowing to be fully charged within 10 minutes with up to 500kW charging power.
[31.07.19] London: All new ships ordered from 2025 and aimed for UK waters must be equipped with zero emission technology as part of a new Clean Maritime Plan announced this month.
[February 2020| Romania: Hull of Yara Birkeland launched. This will be the world’s first zero-emission and autonomous container ship for short distances. It will reduce diesel-powered truck haulage by 40,000 journeys a year.
[20.05.2020] Tokyo/Japan: Japan to build world’s first all-electric tanker for operations on Tokyo Bay. Gross tonnage 500t
[13.05.19] European innovation project FLAGSHIPS has been awarded 5 Million Euros from the EU to deploy two commercially operated zero-emission hydrogen fuel cell vessels in France and Norway.
[12.06.2020] A new study published by BMC Energy finds: Building new zero-emission ships may not be enough for shipping to play its part in keeping global warming below 1.5 degrees. Improving efficiency of the existing fleet is essential.
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