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Rapid Transformation to Sustainable Marine Transport

Transport Transformation unlocks capital for zero-emission marine transport and for equipment which is significantly reducing Carbon emissions. TT’s mission is to support the large-scale roll-out of clean shipping technology and clean energy generation.  In collaboration with ship-owners and charterers we accelerate the transition to low- and zero-emission operation, taking urgent action to combat climate change in line with SDG13.

Alternative fuels and the electrification have reached the maritime industry and more new technologies are to follow. As technology improves, larger and faster vessels are improving competitiveness by going electric or using latest GHG emission reduction technology. However, the business environment or the upfront investment to upgrade or switch to new technology can be a challenge.

We are experts in the rapid launch of low- and zero-emission propulsion projects and provide bespoke financial solutions to eliminate barriers like high initial investments. TT arranges financing for clean shipping equipment and complex energy-efficiency installation for entire vessels and fleets and stationary applications.


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Rapid Transformation

Define deadlines! With deep technical expertise, we accelerate your projects and pin down operational and financial implications. TT is focused on technical assessments and funding of clean shipping assets in order to bring solutions to scale in time for combatting climate change. For stationary applications we offer the dedicated consulting services.

TT’s financial solutions support rapid transformation to low- and zero-emission propulsion and sustainable operations on the water. Besides classic equipment finance solutions TT also offers to eliminate capital expenditures for the client and make equipment available “as-a-service“.

Our Clients gain quick, low-risk access to economic, zero-emission maritime transport solutions which are more and more requested by the market. Investors can engage in an attractive asset class and a new high-growth market. Manufacturers increase their market potential. Governments reach ambitious emission reduction targets.



Cost Effective

Fuel comprises a majority of the operating costs of commercially operated marine combustion engines. On top of this Carbon pricing for shipping will be in place from January 2022 within the EU. Cutting fuel costs and GHG emissions is changing the game! For small vessels, fuel expenditures can make up 75-90% of total operating costs, depending on local prices and use profile.

Applying latest technologies such as hybrid- and electric propulsion eliminates fuel costs and insulates operators from fuel price fluctuations, however, alternative propulsion systems require significant investment. Transport Transformation helps by providing independent technical expertise leasing packages and equipment-as-a-service for energy storage systems and drivetrains or entire vessels and fleets. These financial solutions enable a rapid transformation to more sustainable transportation and reduce technological risks.

The transformation requires low or no upfront capital investment: savings found by eliminating fuel costs  and Carbon pricing pay for the zero-emission propulsion system. We help determine whether converting an existing vessel or building a new vessel with optimized hydrodynamic efficiency would provide the best return on investment.

Conventional Vessel
Cost per Trip (without CO2 Price)

  • Fuel Cost
  • Engine Amortization
  • Maintenance

Electric Vessel
Cost per Trip

  • Electricity Cost
  • Battery-Cycle Cost
  • Drivetrain Amortization
  • Basic Maintenance
  • Savings
Exemplary comparison, intensively used small passenger vessel.

Conventional Vessel
Cost per Trip (without CO2 Price)

  • Fuel Cost
  • Engine Amortization
  • Maintenance

Electric Vessel
Cost per Trip

  • Electricity Cost
  • Battery-Cycle Cost
  • Drivetrain Amortization
  • Basic Maintenance
  • Savings



Clean and Sustainable

Alternative fuel solutions are advancing as well as electric marine propulsion systems which emit no harmful exhaust gases during use. State-of-the-art mature technology can massively reduce carbon- and other harmful emissions. A meaningful step towards decarbonisation of global supply chains and zero-emission passenger transport.

For all investments into new vessels, TT is committed to achieve already today the reduction of Carbon intensity by at least 40% as defined as target by the IMO for 2030.

For small and medium-sized vessels, an overall carbon footprint reduction of 60% to 80% and more is common when using energy off the regular electric grid. Even better, as we transition to a renewable energy supply or with solar charging, we can attain 100% Carbon-free mobility on the water!

Compliance with ambitious sustainable development goals becomes realistic and may even offer a competitive advantage! Passengers on electrically operated vessels enjoy the luxurious quietness, lack of exhaust fumes and reduced vibration on board.

Carbon Footprint
heavy duty, small vessels



Impact Investing in the Marine World

The sustainability revolution gives birth to future oriented investment opportunities. Besides business consulting for operators, we offer clean shipping expertise for investors, we develop projects which provide long-term competitiveness and we manage modern assets over the life-cycle of the investments.
Our focus are impact investment opportunities in the marine industry: Large energy storage systems and re-fit projects as well as new vessels and fleets which comply with the EU Taxonomy for sustainable activities.
Based on extensive market intelligence, we provide market overview and deal sourcing services including technology screening, project acquisition, risk assessment and impact analysis.
For project implementation, we support due diligence and legal structuring as well as the establishment of entities for leasing and equipment finance involving incorporating private equity and debt.
This is complemented with services for running financial structures over the life cycle of the investments. We manage asset holding companies, perform fund management, provide financial- and non-financial reports and maintain relations with all stakeholders.

Value for the impact investor

  • Benefit from TT’s technical and financial insight into clean shipping projects and supplier networks
  • Early access to European projects with the right ticket size
  • Pre-assessment of impact investment projects
  • EU Taxonomy compliant investments
  • Rigorous technical and financial due diligence capabilities
  • Full-service management of financial structures over the investment life-cycle

Besides our focus on equipment finance opportunities and leasing assets with exposures similar to infrastructure investments, we are also open to support venture capital investors to identify promising VC investment cases in the clean shipping industry.



Technical and Commercial Expertise: Clean Transport & Clean Energy

With breathtaking speed new clean energy- and transport-technologies are improving – no matter if for stationary applications or marine transport. The energy transition is progressing.
TT makes sure business owners have up-to-date technical facts available, applies those for meeting business needs and optimises the commercial outcome.
Our consulting offerings for stationary infrastructure do complement our original focus on the marine industry.

Value for the transport operators

  • Benefit from TT’s technical and commercial know-how and international market expertise
  • Connecting with the right stakeholders for specific business initiatives
  • Independent evaluation of technical solutions, suppliers and business concepts
  • Energy supply solutions and land-based infrastructure concepts
  • Risk assessments for commercial, operational and technical aspects
  • In-depths analysis of environmental impact of the clean energy solution
  • Total cost-of-ownership analysis for long-term competitiveness
  • Full-service management for project funding and asset-financing



A Team for Finance and Technology

Building a bridge requires a foundation on each side. For connecting the clean shipping industry with the financial universe, the TT team maintains a unique set of competencies, assuring high effectiveness and clear focus on TT’s Mission: Accelerate the transition of the marine transport industry to low- and zero- emission operation.

 Ulf Kanne   |   Managing Partner  

New Markets / New Technology Professional with Engineering Background

Responsibility: Marine Industry Market Intelligence, Deal Sourcing, Technology

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Ulf Kanne has a 20+ years track-record in the high-tech business with a focus on new business development, technology management and asset finance. He has been running TT’s clean transport equipment finance business, project development and advisory since 2017. TT’s focus is to bring sustainable transport- and clean energy solutions to scale.

Formerly, Ulf has been leading innovation with sustainable marine transport solutions and e-mobility assets for Torqeedo GmbH, a world market leader for zero-emission marine propulsion and part of DEUTZ AG (DEZ:GR), Germany.

From 2001 to 2013 he worked for the Swiss high-tech startup Sensirion(SENS:SW) in key roles facilitating the growth from 35 to 400 employees. He co-headed a business unit, responsible for commercially managing growth of the global OEM tech-business.

Having worked across multiple high-tech and new markets disciplines has allowed Ulf to built up a rock-solid expertise for evaluation of new markets, new technology business cases and investment opportunities.

A wealth of nautical experience – years of offshore cruising and serving in the German Navy – have contributed to the ambition to further accelerate the transition to zero-emission marine transport.

The development of sustainable investment opportunities and the handling of managerial challenges in the technology space benefits from Ulf’s strong engineering background. He holds a master degree in electrical engineering from post-graduate studies at RWTH Aachen and the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH Zurich). This is complemented by executive trainings at IMD Switzerland and Harvard Business School.

Ulf is a passionate advocate of climate action and is ambitious about moving things ahead in this field.

Erik Herlyn   |   VP Finance 

Expert for Financial Management and Energy Industry with Technical Background

Responsibility: Finance,  Business Operations, Investor Relations

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Before joining TT, Erik has been CEO of Manas Petroleum Corp (NASDAQ OTC) and founder and CEO of Petromanas Energy Inc. (TSX). He structured the financing of the company, performed global road shows and realized private equity financings of USD +70 Mio. He then acquired and managed with his team of 35 employees projects totaling around USD 120 Mio spend.

In 2017, Erik Herlyn refocused to Transport Transformation GmbH, a Swiss based company targeting to rapidly shift the maritime sector to zero-emission transport where he is dedicating today most of his time. Erik Herlyn is developing projects with large CO2 reduction impact in Europe and acquires institutional investors to finance these.

Erik Herlyn is still board of Director of 2 Oil and Gas Exploration companies, he is representing a Swiss Bank for a solution launch and he is guest lecturer at the University of St. Gallen.

Prior to that he was holding several managerial positions in large International Business Consulting firms with KPMG, BearingPoint and Capgemini. As part of his consultancy assignments, he was acquiring and managing large projects including post-merger acquisitions by integrating sales, IT and production operations.

Swiss based Erik Herlyn is German national, born in the Netherlands and is fluent in German, English and Dutch.

Christian Rigassi   |   Senior Advisor 

Seasoned Specialist for Corporate Banking, Leasing and B2B Equipment Finance

Responsibility: Equipment Leasing Business, Financial Solutions

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Christian Rigassi has over 20 years of experience as a corporate banker with Credit Suisse. This includes business head with overall responsibility for sales, processing, accounting and business development for leasing and factoring, the strategic management of the overall corporate banking business and credit specialist for corporate clients. He also worked in the Corporate Banking Business in the US.

He has a broad, well-founded and up-to-date education and training. He is a Certified Swiss Banker, has successfully passed all there CFA levels and gained his Global Executive MBA from the University of St. Gallen. Christian Rigassi is fluent in English, French and German.

He has successfully implemented different innovative solutions for customers and due to his powerful strategic thinking developed the necessary strategic realignment of various business areas. He exhibits in-depth skills in balance sheet and credit analysis as well as company appraisals. Furthermore, he has a sound knowledge of risk management, change management and strategic management of IT resources.

He also served over 7 years on the Board of Directors of a Fleetmanagement Company and was Vice President of the Swiss Leasing Association. Additionally, he was a lecturer at the FHNW.

Currently Christian Rigassi has Co-Founded DS21, a social enterprise, with the aim to improve the quality of life of families with a Down Syndrome Individual. Besides he brings in this extensive know-how in the field of leasing and factoring as a consultant and senior advisor.

Giorgio Blum   |   Senior Advisor 

Outstanding Expert for Sustainable Investment and Fund Management

Responsibility: Sustainable Finance, Fund Management, Impact Investment

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Giorgio J.P. Blum graduated with honors in International Business (MIBA) from the United States International University (now merged with Alliant University) in California and received his Doctorate in Business Administration focusing on Environmental Finance and Corporate Social Responsibility.

Dr. Blum co-founded and joined the board of EFW Swiss AG in Baar to promote and develop sustainable finance, focusing on resource scarcity and climate change in particular.

In 2009, he founded SEED Asset Management AG, continuing to manage fortunes of affluent investors, specializing in environmental asset management and independent financial consulting;

He acted as Managing Director for different companies and independent Swiss asset managers, as well as an investment fund advisor to institutional and private clients. He was also a registered fund manager in Guernsey and managed an insurance mandate Lombard International Assurance in Luxembourg (2001-2006), he was also involved in product placements with Macquarie infrastructure bonds/certificates. In addition, he participated in the creation and placement of MTN’s and synthetic mortgage bonds, as well as asset backed loans (Life Insurance, Property and Art).

Towards the end of 1998, Giorgio joined Union Bancaire Privee (UBP) Group, a leading private banking house in Switzerland, where he was responsible for the international onshore markets, especially Germany. He was investment advisor and portfolio manager to sophisticated investors and also a member of the strategic committee of the bank. In addition, he was also instrumental in registering UBP Investment Funds in Germany;

Giorgio worked as a trust officer and an inhouse-fund administrator for Rothschild Bank AG in Zurich (1982 – 1987) before joining Credit Suisse in Germany in 1994, where he was responsible for the development of the Austrian Private Banking Market. Holds and held several posts as a member of management and as a member of Board of Directors (executive and non-executive) in Switzerland and abroad.

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